About Us

Autozendy Logo

Autozendy is a company was founded from a passion for art on car accessories. We are a business located in Montreal, Canada and create our exclusive designs for all our car accessory products with quality and care in mind. We started in November of 2022, focusing on creating products for passionate niche customers who love their cars and want to have unique and classic designs that speak just to them. So if you are a person who is passionate about your job, hobby or interest, we cater to you!

The reason why we called out company, Autozendy, is a spin on the words Auto and Trendy, but putting a “z” instead. That’s why we came up with our slogan, “Drive trendy with Autozendy” ... we thought you’d like that!

What’s great about our products is that they are created on demand, just for you when you order. We don’t carry stock that would be sitting around in warehouses, and take the time to make our products specifically for you and with great care. That is why we have a “Drive with Quality Guarantee” for all our products on our shop, meaning that in the rare cases that you receive a product from us that is defective in any way, we will promptly replace it and send it to you at no extra charge.

Many of our products even have other matching accessories to go with what you have bought, so be sure to check around and see if there is anything else in our shop that would go just great with it!

At Autozendy, we want you, our customer, to enjoy your shopping experience with us … from the moment you come to our shop to the moment you order from us and receive your quality products. If you need to reach out to us for anything, please contact us, and we will give you quality customer service. We respond to all our emails within 1-2 business days tops.

And if there is anything that you want for us to design for you and it is in line with what we offer on our shop, just shoot us a message and we will consider creating a custom product design just for you that you can order later on our shop!

At Autozendy, we want you to really love your car and cruise in style!

Drive Trendy with Autozendy!